PIPE is the international membership organization for those who work in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines.

Membership of PIPE is an internationally recognized benchmark of an individual’s progression through and commitment to this globally vital engineering specialty. PIPE has members in every place where oil and gas pipelines are found.

Membership of PIPE is offered solely on an individual basis. If you are an oil and gas pipeline engineer, if you are looking to establish your professional credentials as well as to expand your personal network, then PIPE membership is your next step.

To find out more about the aims and objectives of the PIPE, its membership, and Board, please continue to browse the public area of our website. For information on applying to join the PIPE, please click here.

The Professional Institute of Pipeline Engineers is supported by Clarion, TX, USAScientific Surveys, UKGreat Southern Press, Australia; and Pipeloop, the pipeline sector’s professional profiling and networking site.


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